Effective Natural Appetite Suppressant Ingredients

Formulated with the goal to help you slim down safely, Skinny Piggies contain several natural hunger suppressants:


a plant popular among Asian chefs and used to craft desserts. It is a gel-like substance that expands in the stomach. Agar-Agar makes you feel satisfied and full, so you will stop eating sooner and consume fewer calories. It acts as a gentle natural appetite suppressant.


(5-hydroxytryptophan) is an amino acid that the body naturally produces. 5-HTP is converted to serotonin, a hormone that regulates your mood and appetite. Two independent double-blind clinical trials have shown that it works to decrease the number of calories consumed and aids in weight loss. One study compared overweight women who took 5-HTP before each meal to those who took a placebo. The women who took the supplement ate 1,084 fewer calories per day and felt less hungry during the day. In another study, women who took 5-HTP lost 10.3 pounds over 12 weeks, compared to 2.2 pounds in the placebo group. 5-HTP works best for those who crave food, especially sweets. Some doctors consider 5-HTP to be the best natural appetite suppressant.


a natural appetite suppressant. Clinical studies have shown collagen to create the satiating effect (feeling full), which in turn promotes weight loss. Collagen can also contribute to a healthier, less agitated digestive system due to its soothing properties.


a nutrient that is part of the B vitamin family. Biotin is essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. Users taking Biotin have reported significant weight loss.


a natural compound that has shown to have a lipotropic (fat-burning) effect. It helps the body eliminate fat by breaking it down in the liver.

Unlike conventional weight loss pills, Skinny Piggies do not contain stimulants and harsh chemicals and are gentle on your stomach. They are a healthy weight loss supplement choice and their ingredients have many additional health benefits, such as: support for strong hair and nails, glowing skin, and anti-aging properties.

No stimulants. No dairy. No gluten. No side effects.

Proudly made in the U.S.A.