How to Suppress Appetite

How to Suppress Appetite When you're on a diet, there's nothing as bad as giving in to hunger pains, raiding the fridge when you're trying to eat healthier and less.

The hormone ghrelin regulates your appetite and it causes your hunger pains.

Scientific research has shown that by eating food that is extra-filling, drinking different liquid refreshments between meals and managing stress, you can beat the hunger and stay on target for effective weight loss.

1. Eat Filling Foods

Suppress appetite with oatmeal Start with oatmeal. When you eat either quick oats, steel-cut oats, or rolled oats is an easy way to conquer your hunger until lunchtime. Oats doesn't cause blood sugar to spike that will induce hunger. Oatmeal has a high fiber content and that slows down carbohydrate digestion and absorption. Having oatmeal with some grapefruit or cut apples and almond milk for breakfast is a healthy start to your day and it will help suppress your appetite.

Lean protein for breakfast is a great choice. Lean protein - lean meat, eggs, or yogurt is a great choice for breakfast. If you eat lean protein early in the day, you will stay sated through the day.

Grapefruit is a great addition to your diet. A diet consisting of only grapefruit is a fad that is not effective, but studies have shown that half a grapefruit taken with each meal helps people lose extra pounds.

Eat fruit and vegetables with lots of fiber. Most fruit and vegetables are high in water and fiber, and both of these keep you feeling full. All your meals should mostly contain fruit and vegetables together with portions of fat and protein.

Eat a serving of nuts each day. Nuts contain a mixture of fiber, protein and unsaturated fat that is quite filling. Studies show that eating a portion of nuts, particularly almonds, daily will help you feel less hungry.

Flaxseeds added to your food will prevent blood sugar from spiking. Flaxseeds can be sprinkled on food like smoothies, yogurt, vegetables and salads. High in fiber, flaxseeds prevent blood sugar from climbing quickly, and this will suppress your hunger.

Use good fats to kill your hunger. Avocados, peanut butter, olive oil and nuts contains oleic acid that signal your brain to limit your appetite.

Dark chocolate satisfies. When fruit and sweets don't satisfy you, eat a couple of squares of dark chocolate. The strength of dark chocolate's taste naturally tells your body when it's had enough, something that doesn't happen with milk chocolate.

Spicy foods engages the senses. Spicy foods engage the senses in such a way that you'll be more aware of how much you eat and when you've had enough.

2. Drink Healthy Beverages

Drink vegetable to suppress appetite Juice vegetables. Juicing carrots, kale, cucumbers, spinach, or any other vegetables gives a beverage that is filled with vitamins and it will keep you sated for a long time. This does not work for fruit juice, as fruit contains many sugars.

Suppress your appetite by eating organic broths or soups with low calories. If you use chicken noodle soup with low calories, you'll get the chicken protein and the broth will fill you up.

Green tea prevents fat storage. Green tea contains EGCG which has been known suppress your appetite for centuries. EGCG increases production of ghrelin and helps you feel full. If you drink green tea daily, you will help inhibit fat storage.

Drink more water. When you're dieting, drinking lots of water really helps. Your stomach will stay full if you drink water during meals and even before or after. When you are hungry, drink water first and then only eat something - it will help you eat less.

Try caffeine. As far as suppressing appetite is concerned, caffeine affects people differently. Having a cup of tea or coffee without milk or sugar to quash hunger works well for some, but not for others. Drink a cup of black, unsweetened coffee or tea and pay notice to what happens in the few hours after. If you're not hungry, it may work for you as an effective appetite suppressant.

Avoid alcohol, but not red wine. Many alcoholic drinks including cocktails and beer are full of calories. Since alcohol lowers your inhibitions, it's more likely you won't stick to your diet when you consume alcohol. Red wine will however suppress your appetite by giving you a sense of fullness. Do however limit yourself to a maximum of two glasses per day.

3. Change your Daily Habits

Sleep well Sleep well. Research shows that sleep deprivation causes people to eat more through the day. It also makes food with a high calorie count more attractive. Be aware though sleeping too much can produce the same results.

Take your time when eating. If you rush your meals, you will likely eat more, as you don't give your stomach time to let your brain know that it's full. Chew food slowly and concentrate on what you're eating.

Introduce intervals in your cardio routine. By introducing short rest periods in your full-force cardio, you will make the most of the reduction of your ghrelin level, which will in turn suppress your appetite.

Brushing teeth. When you experience a big craving, brush your teeth. The taste will let your mind believe that you've eaten something. Since eating after brushing your teeth will make food taste terrible, it will also put you off food for a few hours.

Keep busy. Boredom is a big cause of overeating. Having too much idle time will probably let you fill it with eating. Remain active throughout the day, both when you're at home or at work. Mix things up by meeting with people, taking short walks, or doing activities where you need your hands.

Stress management. Any diet will be killed if you eat because you're angry, sad, or simply stressed out. With stress, the body overproduces hormones that create a feeling of hunger. This is why dealing with bad news by reaching for ice cream or cookies has become so common.

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